Day of Service - Dedicated to Andy Goessling

Day of Service & Cultural Connection - Dedicated to Andy Goessling

DAY 3 - DECEMBER 9, 2018
9:00AM - 2:00PM

Spend the day in Central Vallarta constructing the community's new medical clinic, building a fence out of plastic bottles & painting a mural at the school house. Once the clinic is completed, the government has agreed to send doctors to provide checkups and care to the residents in Central Vallarta, who otherwise are unable to receive medical support.

After our service work, we will enjoy a traditional Mexican meal and local music, as well as an opportunity to zipline and swim in a cenote (a natural, fresh water pool). We love building community connections, and think you will too! We hope will you join us to connect with and give back to the beautiful people of the Central Vallarta!

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